Employer brand

Employer branding is the process of promoting an organisation as the employer of choice to a desired target group, one which a company needs and wants to recruit and retain. This is becoming an increasingly important communication consideration for many larger organisations.

It provides an opportunity to articulate your purpose in a way that your employees can understand and crucially engage with. It should ask the question – how can I, as an employee of ABC plc, contribute to our goals, aspirations and performance?

Employees and potential recruits increasingly want to understand what the organisation stands for, what its principles are and to sense check that they are aligned with their own. A good employer brand will give them this information.

The resultant brand will of course be closely associated with the exisitng VI of the orgainsation. Our role is to use our strategic and branding skills to unearth the key points of differentiation, and work up a mini brand solution that fits well with the exisiting VI and then crucially help articulate it to the employee audiences in question. 

This branding opportunity could take the form of a safety campaign or recruitment communication, for example.


Large and small organisations alike increasingly rely on a single portal of information for employees – a one-stop shop for a number of different types of information, such as regulatory info and policies but also a place to share news and celebrate success, for all to see and engage with.

We can work with SharePoint or build using our preferred open source CMS Modx.

Internal communications

Internal communications for employees might include a pension plan update booklet shared as a desk drop or a safety campaign communicated with site posters. It can take many forms.

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